After 43 years, Outreach Health Services has decided to change its company logo.  We did not make this decision lightly; all companies must adapt to stay relevant, to grow and prosper. When first considering a new Outreach logo, the color blue immediately came to mind.

We chose blue because it symbolizes dependability and trust. Blue also represents constancy and produces a feeling of tranquility. Outreach has been a strong presence in the Texas home care community for over 40 years. That constancy and strength is our foundation.

However, the color blue alone doesn’t adequately reflect Outreach. The company is more than just a stabilizing force; we also bring harmony to our client’s lives. We chose green as our accent color, as green is the color of growth, renewal, nature, and energy. Thus, green finishes the color scheme for our new design.

We’re proud to work for a company with a 45-year history—a model of true blue stability and the renewing green nature of life itself. A company with this strong a foundation will withstand the constant changes in healthcare, in Medicaid, Medicare, payor models, or even company leadership.

These two colors working in harmony together symbolize precisely where we’re going as a company—ever forward and always loyal.